Plus de Noël à Paris

I have been meaning to get some pictures of the sapins de Noël (Christmas trees) for sale in Paris. This Sunday I ventured in to see if there were Christmas decorations to see. When I emerged from the Metro at a stop between the Seine and Bastille, I saw the biggest selection of all.

This vendor had trees of all sizes, including very large ones. What was interesting to me was how each had its own stand. It is a half-round of some much larger tree with a hole that the slightly-sharpened end of the goes into. All trees and all sizes of trees seem to come this way. There would be no watering the tree to keep it green with this method.

In fact, with the end shaved to snugly fit the hole, I wold expect the tree to dry out quite fast. As you can also see, the plastic netting to hold the branches tight to the body for transit is done here.

Today was warm, a balmy 7C. Yesterday and the day before were much colder, about -2C. That almost 10C difference has a big effect on how cold it feels. And, it has been rainy, sometimes even freezing rain. Sunday was the first day for the warmer temperature and only a small rain shower or so.

There was a planned Christmas Village in front of the Hôtel de ville (City Hall). It was supposed to open December 12. But, a combination of bad weather and the “yellow vest” demonstrations seems to have delayed things. I walked to the area, but this is all I saw.

They were working on putting it together, but it was far from finished. I guess they are aiming at next weekend.

The idea (as advertised) was a place you could wander through the trees, which would all be decorated. There was also to be vendors at various places.

So, that is all I can show you of the Christmas decorations! I hope the display gets finished and is all they had hoped it would be. I will miss it as I return to the U.S. before the end of next weekend.

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