Marche Fiertés LGBTI

Today, June 29, was the Marche Fiertés LGBTI in Paris. Marche is from marcher, to walk. (Not to be confused with marché: a market.) Fiertés is pride. So, capping off the gay pride month was the LGBTI pride walk. It went from Montparnasse to Republiqué. From Montparnasse east and then straight north across the Seine and up to where it could turn eastward again towards Republiqué. This took it between Les Halles (on the route’s west) and the Pompidou Center (on the east). The Pompidou Center is just one block to my apartment’s west, so it was only a couple of blocks walk to view the walk. It was hot, about 33C (92F), and sunny. I tried to stay in the shade and hope I got enough shade to not regret being outside for some hours.

Here are some pictures. Remember that this was mostly an informal walk and not as much an organized parade. There were many, many people who just joined in. And, the audience was a diverse as the walkers. There’s one picture below of some audience members who wanted to put on their own show for the crowd.

The walk’s start and the backs of my fellow crowd members.

“en roue libre” is “freewheeling.” Do not know what the top of the sign says. As you can see, they are cyclists.

These signs are in English. The thoughts are typical of the walkers.

Usually any group had some flamboyant people leading.

A prominent rainbow flag and a woman happily strutting her stuff.

Lots of “just people” walking.

During a slight pause in the walkers, two of our crowd gave a small show. it is hard to see, but she is wearing next to nothing and he has the tightest/smallest possible shorts and high heels. They were having a good time. They danced and posed for all of the onlookers.

The last before what was masses of walkers was the truck.

At the truck’s end were blaring speakers and a person encouraging the walkers behind to dance with the music. And there were many, many walkers following…

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